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What if Moodle stops responding in the middle of an exam?

If there is a temporary network disruption or if Moodle is not responding then, if you have made changes since losing connectivity, the following appears at the head of the page:
Network connection lost. (Autosave failed).
Make a note of any responses entered on this page in the last few minutes, then try to re-connect.
Once connection has been re-established, your responses should be saved and this message will disappear.
Any changes that you made since connectivity was lost, and any changes that you continue to make while this message is still displayed, will be lost if you reload the page.
So do not reload the page - unless you don't mind losing anything that hasn't been saved
(Saves occur automatically every 60 seconds, or when you move to another page, or click on the Save button - if there is one.)

Within a minute of the connection being restored, the following appears:
Network connection restored. You may continue safely
Note: If you click on a button while there is no connectivity then:
  • If you are working in SEB, all buttons will be disabled. However, you will still be able to click on link Recover from lost connection (equivalent to Finish exam....) to see if connectivity has been restored and enable the buttons when it has been restored.
  • If you are not working SEB, any unsaved changes will probably be completely lost