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How do I assign a role?

A course participant has a role of Teacher, TA, Grader or Student.
These are Enrollable roles.
To enrol a user to your course:
  • In the Administration block, under Course administration, click on Users and then on Enrolled users.
  • Click on button Enrol users at top right
  • In the popup:
    • Select a role from menu Assign roles
    • Enter first or last name, email or ID in the search field and click on Search**
    • Click on button Enrol alongside the user you wish to enrol
    • Click on button Finish enrolling users
  • Wait a moment for the page to update itself.

Other users can have a role of Coordinator, Colleague, Secretary or Visitor.
A user with any of these roles is not considered a course participant.
To assign one of these roles, click on Other users under item Users in the Administration block.

The roles of Teacher, TA, Grader, Student, Coordinator, Colleague, Secretary and Visitor are Primary Roles.
A user can have one and only one Primary role.

A user with a Primary role can have one or more Secondary roles.
Secondary roles include Editing, Grading, X-ray eyes, Restricted and Very restricted See the Roles miniguide
To assign a Secondary role:
  • Click on the editstring icon in column Roles.
  • Click on ▼
  • Select a role
  • Click on save to save
    (or on cancel to cancel)

**Search for users by first and/or last name (Hebrew and/or English), or email (or part of email following the first dot), or by 8- or 9-digit ID (i.e. with or without checksum), or by full CSE username.
Note: Default is prefix search. Prefix search string with ~ for full search, or with = for exact search.
If user is not a registered Teacher or Student, and has never used Moodle, search by 8- or 9-digit ID, or full email, or HUJImail username, or full CSE username.

Note: The above refers to assigning roles at course level.
Roles may also be assigned at activity level by going to Locally assigned roles in the activity's administration block.

See Roles miniguide for more information