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How can I allow students to view each other's work after a given date?

Several options, in order of complexity:
  • Use a Glossary. Set Approved by default to No.
    To release entries to general view, either approve each entry or change Approved by default to Yes.
    Students can be allowed comment on each other's entries.
  • Use a Personal forum (ForumNG).
    To release items to general view change Forum type to General forum for standard use.
    Students will then be able to reply to each other's posts (unless capability mod/forum:replypost is removed).
  • Use a Database. Set Approval required to Yes.
    To release items to general view, either approve each entry or change Approval required to No.
    Students can be allowed to comment on each other's items.
  • Use a Workshop. In the Assessment phase, allocate to each student at least the total number of submissions. (Up to 30.)
    Students grade and provide feedback on each other's submissions.
  • Use some other activity type, e.g an Assignment. Adjust the capabilities appropriately.