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Extensions are granted automatically in EXAM Moodle. Why not in HUJI Moodle?

They may not always be wanted in HUJI Moodle.
However, you can arrange extensions yourself by creating a group and using a Group override.
If there are a large number of students entitled to an extension, you can import them from EXAM Moodle as follows:

In EXAM Moodle, on the Participants page:
  • Select item 'Role: Extension 25%' or Role: Extension 50% from the menu at the top of the page**
    These are the students granted an extension by Minhal Talmidim.
    Note the small E or F alongside their name or ID.
  • Click on the first button at the bottom of page (Select all or Select all users).
  • Select List ID numbers from the With selected users.. menu.
  • Copy the ID numbers to a file.
In HUJI Moodle:
  • Create a group e.g. Extension 25%.
  • Go to Bulk enrolments (under Users in the Course Administration block).
  • Add ,Extension 25% to each line of the file downloaded from EXAM Moodle.
  • Add a header line to the top of the file e.g ID,group.
  • Upload the file.
  • Now create an appropriate Group override in the quiz

**Note:There may be additonal items Role: Extension 25% (local) and Role: Extension 50% (local).
These are the equivalent roles assigned manually in the course itself.