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How do I copy questions from one course to another?

You can either export/import the questions or backup/restore some quizzes.

To export all questions in a category:
  1. Go the course's Question bank and click on Export
  2. Check Moodle XML format
  3. Select a category
  4. Leave Write category to file checked (unless you want the questions all copied to the top level category)
  5. Click on button Export questions to file
To import the category to another course:
  1. Go the course's Question bank and click on Import
  2. Check Moodle XML format
  3. Choose the file and click on button Import

Note: A Moodle backup of a quiz normally includes all question categories of all questions in the quiz, including all questions in those categories.
Thus restoring all quizzes in a course will not restore any question categories not used by any quizzes.
A workaround would be to create a quiz that uses all question categories.

If you want to create a backup that includes only the questions in a quiz and no others, see העתקת בוחן שלם in Eyal's אתר ההדרכה for instructions