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LUMDA Moodle
Information for Coordinators

LUMDA Moodle is a portal for internal HUJI SCORM tutorials,
It consists of several SCORM activities and associated Quiz and SimpleCertificate activities.
Many of the SCORM and Quiz activities can be taken in more than one language.
All users can access all activities.
But some activities require the user to first fulfill certain requirements as follows:
A user who has completed a SCORM (in any language) can take an associated Quiz (in any language) - provided he has completed the SCORM in the past year.
He can issue himself a SimpleCertificate, provided that:
  • He has completed the an associated SCORM in the past year, and
  • He has passed an associated Quiz after he completed the SCORM
The SimpleCertificate is valid for one year following his completion of the SCORM.
Caveat: If a user redid a SCORM, but not an associated Quiz, his SimpleCertificate is valid for one year following completion of the first SCORM.
Note: In order to be able to take an associated Quiz and generate a SimpleCertificate, the SCORM need only be completed. It does not have to be passed (in the case of those SCORMs that do support a pass grade).

In the past the certificates were issued by the Computation Authority.
Webservices are available to them that show the date of each or all of the most recent SCORMs passed (in any language) and each or all of the most recent quizzes passed (in any language)

Names and URLs

The name of the SCORM must be alphanumeric
For preference, it should be CamelCase e.g. LaserSafety. (See Text marks below.)
The name of the associated Quiz must be the name of the SCORM plus suffix Quiz e.g. LaserSafetyQuiz
The name of the associated SimpleCertificate must be the name of the SCORM plus suffix Certificate e.g. LaserSafetyCertificate
Other SCORM and Quiz activities can have additional suffix English or Arabic e,g, LaserSafetyEnglish, LaserSafetyQuizEnglish
They are considered equivalent to the principal SCORM or Quiz (from the point of view of eligibility to take an associate Quiz or eligability to generate an associated SimpleCertificate, respectively).
The canonical URL to access any SCORM, Quiz or SimpleCertificate is http://lumda.cs.huji.ac.il/<name> where <name> is the name of the activity e.g. http://lumda.cs.huji.ac.il/LaserSafety, http://lumda.cs.huji.ac.il/LaserSafetyQuizEnglish, http://lumda.cs.huji.ac.il/LaserSafetyCertificate

Tools for Coordinators

  • The Tracker. For any user (searched by ID, name prefix or email), it shows:
    1. All SCORM attempts, including completion state: Passed, Failed or Completed
    2. All Quiz attempts that were passed
    3. All SimpleCertificates that can be issued i.e. are currently valid
    There is an option to show also incomplete SCORM attempts and Quiz attempts that were failed
  • SimpleCertificate:
    • Index page: Option to list all valid certificates and the dates from which they are valid for any user (searched by ID, name prefix or email).
      Includes links to the user's certificates
    • View page: Tab Issuable certificates (replaces Issued certificates): Includes all currently valid SimpleCerticates and the dates from which they are valid
  • Site report Activity completion: SCORM and Quiz attempts are marked completed as follows:
    SCORM: Completed in the last year
    Quiz: Passed after a SCORM that was completed in the past year.

How to create the activities

Activity names should be chosen as specified above
  • SCORM:
    • The SCORM should be designed such that after it has informed Moodle of its completion state, it shows a link to the associated Quiz activities
    • Activity completion should be set Student must view this activity to complete.
      (With this setting, the SCORM will be considered to have been completed only when the user completes it.)
  • Quiz
    • A Minimum grade to pass should be set
    • Attempts allowed should be set to Unlimited
    • Some Review options should be checked for both Immediately after the attempt and Later while the quiz is still open
    • Restrict access should be set to any of the associated SCORM activities marked as complete
    • Activity completion should be set to Require passing grade
  • SimpleCertificate
    • To create the activity, simply duplicate another SimpleCertificate and change the name appropriately
      To create a custom certificate, see Text marks below
    • Restrict access should be set to any of the associated Quiz activities marked as complete

How is LUMDA Moodle different to regular Moodle?

In addition to features mentioned elsewhere on this page:
  • There are no courses, only a frontpage
  • There is no Navigation block
  • Users cannot change any preferences. Messaging is disabled
  • Users can continue a SCORM attempt only within a year of starting it
  • On submitting a Quiz, if there is a curently valid SimpleCertificate, a link is shown to it
  • There is a link on the login page התעודות שלי. Clicking it before authenticating takes the user to a list of his currently valid SimpleCertificates
  • SimpleCertificate:
    • Text marks: In addition to the the regular "textmarks", the SimpleCertificate supports {HUSERNAME} (Hebrew name), {EUSERNAME} (English name), {VALIDFROM} (Date of last valid SCORM attempt) , {VALIDTO} (One year after last valid SCORM attempt).
      Also, {NAME} is the root name (i.e. without 'Certificate') with any internal capital letters preceded by a space e.g. LaserSafetyCertificate is Laser Safety
    • Certificates are not saved. A new certificate is always issued
  • Activities with name ending in English are automatically shown in English mode. Others in Hebrew mode

How is Completion different to regular Moodle?

  • Activity completion is not strictly as shown in the activity's Settings page (except on the day on which the activity was completed):
    SCORM and Quiz activities and considered completed only within a year of the date at which they were completed or passed, respectively
  • Restricting access by completion of other activities is also not strictly as shown in the activity's Settings page (except on the day that the other activities were completed:
    A SimpleCertificate can be accessed only if the user has completed an associated SCORM in the past year and has afterwards passed an associated Quiz
  • Activity completion data is rebuilt daily