Summary of files

Table of contents

1. Notes

To access the files, first su to the course account by doing
  su <login>
where login is the course account name.
(The account name is shown in field Login of the course settings. If the field is empty, contact the System group.)

The following files in directory ~/course-admin/results are recognized by the CourseAdmin system.
Names in angle brackets are examples only.

grade-parameterslist of assignments e.g. <ex1>, exam
factorylist of formulas e.g. <magen>, final
configlist of configuration options
<ex1><ex1> grades and/or errors
<ex1>.errorcodes<ex1> errorcodes
exam1,2,3exam1,2,3 grades and/or errors
exam1,2,3.errorcodesexam1,2,3 errorcodes
targil.overrideoverride targil grades (calculated from weights)
exempt.overrideoverride exempt grades (calculated from weights)
<magen>.overrideoverride <magen> grade (calculated by formula)
final.overrideoverride final grades (calculated from weights or by formula)
final1,2,3.overrideoverride final1,2,3 grades (calculated from weights or by formula)
finalfinal grades and/or errors
final.errocodesfinal errorcodes
final1,2,3final1,2,3 grades and/or errors
final1,2,3.errorcodesfinal1,2,3 errorcodes


  • exam1,2,3 implies exam1, exam2 or exam3. Likewise for final1,2,3
  • All types of file allow comments i.e. everything from # until the end of the line is ignored (unless the # is within braces).