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1.How do I assign a role?Click  on Enrolled users 
6.How do I ensure that English displays correctly when viewed in Hebrew mode? (and vice versa)Use the Left to right, Right to left and Left align, Right align toolbar icons
7.Can students submit Assignments in groups?Yes - simply check option Allow students to choose partners in the Settings
8.Why can't I change a particular grade in some activity?It has been overridden (or locked) in the Gradebook
9.Is there any difference between roles Teacher and  TA?Not really
10.When can I begin checking an assignment?Only after the Cut-off date - unless Require students click submit button
11.How do I avoid HTML tags in Gradebook Quick feedback and Assignment Feedback commentsChoose Plain text editor in field Editor for feedback in Course grade settings
12.Why can't a student post to a forum?Many possible reasons
13.A student must fix his assignment. Should I Revert the submission to draftor Allow another attempt? Do you want to preserve the original submission?
14.How can I test my course?Click on Switch role to.. or use a test account.
15.Should I use the Calculated or Calculated simple  question type?Use Calculated simple unless it shares data with other questions
17.Can multiple graders work offline simultaneously?Yes! Either by dividing students into groups or by using Marking workflow in the Assignment
18.How can a student make private contact with the teacher/s?Set up a Personal Forum (ForumNG)
19.Can graders be prevented from seeing names of students?Yes! Assign the grader the Restricted role or use Blind marking in an Assignment
21.Where do I configure Guest access and Self enrolment?In item Enrolment methods of the Users menu under Course administration.
22.Why can't a student submit a file to an assignment?The file or pagesize is too large, or it's a PDF that is unsuitable for the Moodle PDF editor.
23.What is limited by the Maximum upload size in the course settings?
24.Can a Student be a TA or Grader or edit the course?No! - But a Student can be given secondary role of Grading and/or Editing.
25.Is there an autosave feature?Yes! Both in the text editor and in the EXAM Moodle quiz
26.Is there an alternative to the Embedded answers (Cloze) and Combined question types? Yes! Ganged and Chained questions
28.Can I combine the best of the Assignment and the Workshop?Yes! Import Assignment submissions to the Workshop
29.Can a question take a negative grade?Only Multichoice and Embedded (Cloze) questions can take negative grades
30.Can a Database entry be targeted to a particular user?Yes! Use the  new Target users option
31.How can I allow students to view each other's work after a given date?Use the Personal forum, Glossary, or Database
32.How do I copy h5p activities between instances of Moodle?Use Reuse and Upload
34.Extensions are granted automatically in EXAM Moodle. Why not in HUJI Moodle?Because not all quizzes in HUJI Moodle are exams, but...
35.What is Support for Moadim? The simplest way to manage exam and final grades
36.How do I copy questions from one course to another?Either export/import a category or backup/restore quizzes
37.What is meant by Always latest alongside a question on the Questions page of a quiz?A new quiz attempt should use the question as it was most recently saved

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